Bags, Bottles, and Birdies Pub Golf and Corn Hole Tournament

What is Bags, Bottles, and Birdies Pub Golf and Corn Hole Tournament?:

Everyone knows that being intoxicated usually improves your golf game!!! Adults don’t get very many chances per year to dress up as teams from fun to outrageous for the chance to win cash and trophy’s for best team score and most outrageous team theme! 
Bags, Bottles, and Birdies Pub Golf and Corn Hole Tournament is an exciting event where listeners are invited to sing up a five member golf team and go from bar to bar competing and having fun!!
Upstream Media gathers the team to the 1st bar for the registration party at 10am! At 11am our teams are directed to head to their first bar. (teams are staggered and mapped to go to different bars throughout the day!
Registration is $25 per team (it’s only $5 a person to play). Golf balls and putters are provided by Upstream Media. Bars will provide their own Corn Hole Boards and Bags or can opt in to have one delivered for them for $50.
Everyone needs to be safe so each team MUST have a designated driver! 
After registration, teams will receive a map and drive from one establishment to the next to complete the course. 
Each bar will create two (2) golf holes for players as well as a drink special. 
Upstream Media will have one person provided to keep score at each hole and the scorekeeper will also act as judge. 
Once all 9 establishments have been visited and the golf holes and corn hole have been completed, each team is required to go to the “19th Hole” where score cards are validated. 
At the 19th Hole there will be cash prizes and trophy’s awarded to the team with the best scores and for the most outrageous team theme costumes!