Art House Cinema & Pub Presents: "Willow"


dir. Ron Howard

PG | 1988 | USA | 126 MIN

Wednesday November 13th • 6:00

TWO birthdays combine to bring us November’s Staff Birthday Pick! Event Director Brittany Stevens and our newest Art House staff member Jake Mackenzie both wanted to share George Lucas and Ron Howard’s fantasy adventure Willow with Billings! Brittany calls it “A childhood favorite of mine...a true underdog story full of myth and magic!” Jake raved “Willow is amazing...often forgotten between Star Wars and Indiana Jones.” It truly is one of the 80s most underrated films, and an epic journey with a sweeping soundtrack that you can’t help but feel immersed in. Wish Brittany and Jake a happy birthday and rewatch this timeless tale once again, or for the first time!