Art House Cinema & Pub Presents: "The King of Comedy"


dir. Martin Scorsese

PG | 1982 | USA | 109 MIN

Wed 10/9 • 6:00

Martin Scorsese’s The King of Comedy is a dramedy that follows Rupert Pupkin, a man that is determined to be a famous comedian by any means necessary. It showcases Robert De Niro’s comedic abilities against Jerry Lewis in very straight role, but also takes a nuanced look at the affects of loneliness on a delusional mind (not that unlike Taxi Driver, only much funnier). With Todd Phillips’ Joker hitting theaters in October (obviously influenced by this film, including the casting of De Niro) our Creative Director Brian Oestreich presents this unsung masterwork of Scorsese’s filmography at the Art House as his Staff Birthday Pick.