Intro to Cyanotype w. Alison Gutshall

nov 13, 2021 at 10:00 aM

Cyanotypes are made by painting a surface with specific chemicals that makes them sensitive to UV like. Once you place items on this surface you can achieve an outline or x-ray type images of deep blues and white. In this class you will learn a bit of history about the 1842 process, how to make cyanotypes prints, and we will experiment with a few kinds of different affects to manipulate those images. This class will be very hands-on and literal fun in the sun!

Prior to class I ask that you go on a small scavenger hurt for interesting objects to make prints with. These contact prints do well with transparent objects and objects with unique shapes. Things with sentimental value might make for more meaningful images too. Just a few suggestions are: lace, doilies, old keys, or jewelry. Objects from nature are also great. Examples of nature objects that work great are: leaves from your favorite tree, wheat, and flowers. A large mix of items will be provided in case you forget or aren’t in the mood to hunt for objects.

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