How to Recycle in Billings

How to Recycle in Billings

Taking care of the earth is no longer just a “hippie/earthy/granola” thing to do.  We’ve all got to contribute to taking care of our planet.  As Montanan’s, we are stewards of one of (if not the most) beautiful places on earth.  Let’s keep it beautiful for the generations to come.

Recycling is an important piece of the large conservation puzzle.  Here’s a few tips on what you can do to recycle in Billings.


Earth First Aid Curbside Recycling

Want to make recycling as easy and convenient as possible?  Contact Earth First Aid Curbside Recycling.  Note, they also happen to be the sponsor of this blog post along with a couple others we have coming up for Earth Day…It makes complete sense that they would be, right?

Earth First Aid is in their 10th year of business here in Billings and they’ve recycled over 2,500 tons just of newspaper in that time!  They make the recycling process as easy as it’s going to get.  They provide clients with recycling bins and information about what is or is not recyclable as well as any prep/cleaning you need to do prior to tossing items into the bin.   Yes, you need to wash a few things out before you put them in the bin but that makes sense, right?  You don’t want the goods you buy that are made with recycled materials to be contaminated.  They’ll take newspapers, catalogues, junk mail, and cardboard.  Plastic bottles (1s & 2s), aluminum, steel, and glass can also be recycled.

Earth First Aid’s Curbside program is $14 per month with a $35 set up fee that includes your bins.   They pick up every other week on your regular trash day so the routine is easy.  The do also offer business contracts.  Get all the details on their website.

Earth First Aid also runs bio-diesel in their trucks which they actually make themselves in their own processor. If you own and operate a restaurant and have vegetable oil that you need to dispose of, they’ll take care of that for you.

Earth First Aid partners with Bayern Brewing of Missoula, a brewery that is very conscious about sustainability.  Earth First Aide palletizes microbrew bottles to be sent back to Bayern Brewing where they actually recycle bottles for use in their Eco-Pack.

Recycling Drop Off Locations

Don’t want to pay the $14 a month for the convenience? No problem. You can drop off your recylcables at Albertson’s Stores in those big drop off bins.  They are actually Earth First Aid bins.

Yard Waste

Do you have a green yard waste bin in addition to your black trash bin?  If not, contact the City of Billings at 
(406) 657-8260 to see if your neighborhood is eligible.  This is FREE and prevents you from filling your trash bin with grass all summer long leaving no room for actual garbage.
Grass clippings, weeds, twigs and more can be recycled (No dog poop, please).


Phones, computers, TVs and more can be recycled right here in Yellowstone County and it’s actually free!  Yellowstone E-Waste Systems and the City of Billings have teamed up to offer this service.  You can drop off your electronics at Yellowstone E-Waste Systems at 
15 N. 15th St. or at the Landfill where they will be picked up.  Electronics can be an environmental hazard and it’s important to dispose of them correctly.  Yellowstone E-Waste can also ensure that your data is truly “scrubbed” from the device prior to recycling.  Get more information from their website.

Hazardous Waste like Paint

Instead of doing a hazardous waste day as in previous years, you can now drop off paint, car batteries, fluorescent lightbulbs, motor oil, and antifreeze out to the landfill during regular business hours.  There is no charge to drop this stuff off and it’s very important that you dispose of it properly.

For more information about what the landfill will and won’t accept, call (406) 247-8633.